Save Girl Child

  • Males should stand up to their own moms and dads when they start chirping about unwanted female children.
  • Provide extra incentives for families that have more than one girl child. This will help correct the gender balance in a few years.
  • If you have a female child, educate her and provide her the same opportunities as a male child. This is the one thing that makes female killing folks look foolish and dumb.
  • Encourage marriage of males to educated women. Conversely, an educated female class will be more aware of their rights.
  • Do not provide any government incentives to families that have only males. Again the bad snake good snake logic applies. But that is OK. Consider it payback for all the dead female children.

Girl Child Abuse

  • If you're a neighbor who suspects abuse in a family, report it to your local authorities, be it police, child protection agencies, or family members you witness visiting the suspected victim.
  • If you're a teacher who is suspicious of a child's recent loss of school days, notify the principal, make it a point in meeting with the family, and make a choice of saving a child's life.
  • If you're a friend of a suspected victim, tell your parents of your suspicions. Make them see the reality of your suspicions and help them in getting help for the child that is being abused!
  • If you're a wife, watching your child being beaten by your husband or boyfriend, get your child out of that environment.
  • If you're a husband/boyfriend, knowing your wife is abusive; you have to take measures to save that child!

Girl Child Education

  • Honouring girl education victories, e.g. high scores, etc. is one of the fastest ways to foster pride in the girl child.
  • Empowering the girl child with education necessitates a change in India's deep-rooted mindsets of powerful figures, family members, teachers, and women.
  • Support is needed from local police, members of legislative assembly, and other influential people. NGO's must initiate a conversation about the benefits of girl child education, and how they can benefit the community at large.
  • Providing education access and support to girl children. Volunteering with an NGO can be a good start. You can lend some time out of your busy schedule to the cause of India's girls.
  • Distribution of free stationery and Appreciation and encouragement events.




Foundation organizes various activities in South District of Delhi through which we have already reached more than 2000 women and girls and provided various services and information as per their need.
Woman’s Day 2018

Woman’s Day 2018

The theme of the event is how girl’s education may help to improve economy or social status of their family in society. The event was organized at International Centre of Mass Media, JNU, Delhi.
Mass Wedding

Mass Wedding

The Beti foundation Trust is helping poor and unprivileged families without any caste and creed to get married of their girls according to their traditions.


Plan India's sponsorship programme is a unique opportunity to form an inspiring and strong bond with a child. When you become a sponsor, you are helping to break the cycle of poverty for a child, their family and community, creating a lasting and positive impact in their lives. This is your chance to change the life of a child.

Board of Committee

Mr. Anuj Bhati

National president

Dr Rajender Dhar

Chief Patron

Dr Ashok Tyagi


Mrs. Anita Lakra

Women President

Dr Harpeet kaur

National V. President

Ms. Gurpreet Kaur

Media Spokesperson

Mr Rajesh Sejwal

National G. Secatray

Ms. Priyanka Aswal

Youth President

Mr Narendra Pawar

National Sectary

Ms. Jia Manjari

Brand Ambassador

Ch. Om Tanwar

National Secatary

Shri Bram Prakash Prajapti

National Treasurer

Delhi Pradesh Committee

Laxmi Sharma

Ajay Tyagi

R.P Singh

Pramod Ku. Ravi

Sanjay Kumar Sinha

Anu kapila

Sarbjeet Kaur

Shri Parveen Karla

Mannu Wadhwa

Chief Advisory

Lalit Jain


Sanjay Kumar Sinha

Board of Member

Sarika Kumari Singh

Rajesh Garg

Pratikksha kukrati

Rishita sharma

RK Gautam

Meena Devi

Kamal Goyal

Sanjeev Sejwal

Teena Bedi

Rakesh Kapoor

Anju Bansal











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